Reason why two Explorer.exe Processes are Running

I have seen, sometimes, that there are two explorer.exe processes are running in our task manager. I never thought about it, but why there are two explorer processes running when there is only one explorer working?

Common sense might suggest the infection of computer virus but it is not always true. In my current system there is one explorer process running in background but in case yours have two running then here are details on why they are running.

Why two explorer.exe processes are running in background?

By default, Windows have only one explorer process running but if your system have the following option enabled, then your system might have two. To check, open the Folder Options then go to View tab, and navigate to the bottom to see if this option is checked “Launch folder windows in separate process”.

Checking this option starts another explorer process with the same location but using the different memory and CPU for execution.

Why have two explorer processes running?

There is only one reason of having extra stable system for which some systems have this option enabled. Since the two processes utilizes their own memory and CPU, the system is more stable but disabling this option doesn’t affect it either.

That means if you have one process running then it is ok too unless you are facing too much system freeze and crashes.

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