Reboot your Android Device Right from your Desktop

What all you do when your android device freezes or hangs while using an application? The first option that hovers over our mind is to reboot the phone but sometimes when your phone freezes, it is hardly possible to reboot it as the controls of your phone does not work at that time.

What I used to do is to take out the battery from the device so that I can restart it again but sometimes it results in the loss of data. So to rescue such situation you can use RegawMod Rebooter, a portable application that will help you in rebooting your phone easily. The application is developed by by regaw_leinad over at XDA-Developers and thus the name.

You just have to download the application and launch it on your computer. This application does not require any installation. As soon as you launch the application, an icon of this application will appear in the system tray instead of any pop-up window.

Here is the general guideline on how to using this tool. So if your android device is connected with your desktop via USB, then you can make use of this application appropriately. Just click on the icon that is there in the system tray that will display a menu where you can get options to power the device off, reboot it, and reboot it into recovery mode or Bootloader.

The best part of this tool is that it gets seated in the system tray without creating any desktop icon. Secondly it supports almost all devices. I have used this application on HTC Desire and Galaxy Nexus and the results were great. Let’s see, how great it is for you.

Download RegawMOD Rebooter 1.2

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