Receive SMS on your Mobile whenever your Website goes Down

You may own a blog, website or a microblog but managing it is not that easy. If you own one of these then you must have known how important it is to take immediate actions whenever your website server goes down so that you don’t lose any of your precious visitors.

How do you monitor your website? Do you keep checking it again and again, or have someone to notify you whenever it goes down? In either case, it is just waste of time and effort. Wouldn’t it be great if there is any tool or application that notifies you whenever your website goes down?

I came across an online service that will notify you by sending a SMS on your mobile phone instantly the moment your website goes down, thereby making you monitor your website easily. Moreover it also notifies you (again) when it goes up and running.

The service is called Pingdom, and is completely free to use too. What you all need to do is, just create an account there which is free, fill in your particulars, provide contact details, website to be monitored and phone number. The service will be activated instantly and will start monitoring your website.

Pingdom will notify you whenever your website goes down by sending a SMS and an email so that you can start taking necessary actions and avoid any delay. It will again notify you in the similar manner whenever it goes Up and Running fine. With this service you can sit back and relax yourself without worrying about your website.

Moreover you can get an Android or iPhone client and use it directly on your cellphone.

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