Record Desktop Activities and Convert to EXE with Screen2Exe

There are many tools to record the desktop activities and record it as a video. You can record desktop activities into a movie to create demos, tutorials or even presentations.

What you need is just a tool called Screen2Exe, install it and run it. When you click on button reading “Start Recording”, the tool will start recording your desktop activities, mouse movements and will record it all into a movie with the highest compression ratio.

You can select the FPS rate according to the hard disk size. To stop the recording at any time just press the shortcut function keys F9 or F10. After recording the movie you can also do some editing work like adding some effects. The biggest advantage of this tool is that it also captures the sound along with the movements.

When you are done with the movie you just need to convert it to the exe format which you can share with others. The movie will run as soon as the executable file is double clicked. Most of all the tool is completely free.

Download Screen2Exe

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