Record FaceTime Video Calls on iPhone, iPad and Mac

All the iOS users and the Mac users would agree to one thing, FaceTime is the best video calling app available for Apple users so far. There is no denying the fact that the video and audio quality available in FaceTime is also awesome. If you think that FaceTime is just another video calling app like Skype, then you surely need to try it. It is the call quality and the convenience of calling someone that makes this app the most used app among the Apple lovers.

Well video chatting to someone on FaceTime is one thing and keeping the memories last forever is another. It can happen to you that you need to record that session of the FaceTime so that you can see that later, what shall you do in that case? Well if you are also looking for something like that then this post will help you.

There are lots of tools available to record video calls but most of them are paid. It is not a bad thing to pay for something if it is really worth it. Here are three ways of how you can record your FaceTime sessions with your friends.

On iPhone and iPad:


If you are using FaceTime on iPhone or iPad (which most of us do), then you should try this app called Display Recorder. It is a great app for the purpose of recording screen when you are on iPhone and iPad.


Display Recorder works great and records the audio and video of the FaceTime sessions which you can view and use later. The app was first launched in Cydia but seeing its popularity it is now available in the App store as well. So just head over to the app store and download this app.

On Mac:

If you like using FaceTime on your Mac, then do try this tool called IMCapture. This tool works great to record video and audio sessions from FaceTime, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, however it is not completely free.


You can still use the tool with some restrictions and if you want to use the full version then you can buy it from the website.

On Mac (again):

You can also make use of any screen recording tool on your Mac if you don’t want to pay for any tool like the one stated above.

Saving FaceTime sessions should be easy now, isn’t it?[via]

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