Record PC Screen to Create Animated GIF with GIFCam

There are many screen recorders available on internet and we have also shared some of them but most of them are used to record the computer screen to save in video formats. I haven’t come across some tool that can actually create animated GIF images from my system screen. Well if you are also looking for some tool that can create animated GIF images for you then this post shall help you.

Here is a free and simple tool called GIFCam and as the name of the tool suggests, it is used to capture your computer screen to create animated GIF images. The tool is very easy to use, as you just need to run the exe file (download link at the bottom), and place the capture screen over the area of the capture. You can also resize the capture screen to include larger portion which would automatically adjust the GIF resolution (the following image shall help you understand).gif-cam

So whenever you are ready to capture, just press the Rec button which will start recording your activity on the screen. If you don’t wish to record the screen, you can manually add the frames too with the option of Frame button. If you wish to edit the capture or remove the frame, then editing is very easy too. Just click the Edit button and it will open the captures in the new window from where you can delete the frames easily.


When you done recording and editing you can save your gif in 5 color reduction formats(as shown here).


You can record anything off your screen from this tool whether it is text you are writing in a notepad or your drawing in the Paint or etc. Have a look at the animation by the developer himself.


To know more about the tool, do visit the download link below. See more animation ideas here. GIFCam is compatible with all version of Windows too.

Download GIFCam

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