Record Phone Calls on Android with MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice

There are times when we wish to record our phone conversations, it can happen for lot of reasons say you want to have some proof of what is being told to you like in a contract or may be just you need to preserve the chat with your loved one. I have come across many situations when I wished there was something in my phone that can record the phone calls but however smart our phones may be they don’t come with any such tool by default.

Thanks to third party apps we can improve the functionality of our phones by installing these kinds of apps. Here is one called as “MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice” and as the name of the app suggests, it is used to record your phone calls and conversations of both sides into playable mp3 files. Not only the voice calls, the app is also capable of acting as a voice recorder too.


Using the app is very easy too as you just need to install the app, and it will integrate itself into the call screen automatically. So, next time when you wish to record the conversation just look out for a small green button on the screen and press it to initiate the recording. This button can be placed anywhere on the screen that suits your convenience.


The button would turn into red colored button when the recording is in progress and pressing this icon will shut down the recording. You can also hang-up to terminate the recording. The recorded mp3 audio would be saved in the phone memory and the app also provides you with options to adjust the volume decibels of the recorded audio.


The app can also be used as a voice recorder but I don’t think it would be of much help as we already have default voice recorder in our phones these days. But if you want you can still make use of this app only as your single choice for the audio as well as call recorders.

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