Record songs from Radio on your Android Device

In the previous article Find, Listen and Record Worldwide Radio Stations we suggested you a way to find and record your favorite music from online radio on your desktop using Antenna. Now today we will let you know about an application which will help you to record and find radio stations on your Android device.

PopBot which has been recently added in the Google play store allows you to record and identify radio stations on your android device. The amazing feature in this app is that it identifies and analyses the songs and records the song by skipping advertisement so that you don’t have to bother to find start and stop points.

The song recorded using this app is saved in mp3 format with its title, genre and other details. Another feature in this app is that it silently records the songs even if the volume is on mute and also supports live recording.

The interface of this app is really very easy to use. An option is also provided on the top right corner in the application that helps you to switch between radio and music player easily. Most of the songs are streamed at the bit rate of 128 kbps or more.

According to us you will find it great to use. But the main thing associated with this app is that you are required to have Wi-Fi network or at least 3G network connections while streaming and recording audio. The application supports Android v2.2 or higher. Use this application and drop a comment below about your views on this application.

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  1. Great application, I really loved it and I will download it now for my phone. However, do you know resources that I can use to watch free football matches on my Android phone?

    Please share with me

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