Recover Audio Video Media from Scratched Disks

CDs and DVDs are no doubt good way to store and save media for a long time but the risks with them is that they don’t work if get scratched. Scratched Disks don’t work in a good manner with the risks of data corruption that can happen anytime.

In case you have a disk that contains some very important data but is bit scratched then also with the help of this tool called Get My Videos Back, you can recover most of the data back to your system. Get My Videos Back (GMVB) is a free tool that easily saves video or audio files from scratched CDs or DVDs.

The tool is a free and open source tool that can save most of the image formats easily like avi, mkv, mp3 etc. The tool has many options to display the copy process and the several metrics to measure it.

Download Get My Videos Back

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