Recover Deleted Files from Removable Media like USB Drive

It is human nature to do mistakes and it is due to mistakes that we often come across situations when we have deleted files and other data either from computer hard drive or from removable drives.

Fortunately in the computer we have Recycle Bin to undo delete operation but what if you have deleted data from Pen Drive or USB drive which doesn’t have any recycle bin to restore the deleted data?

Now, there is a solution available to that problem called Removable media data recovery Software. The tool is able to recover files and folders from various removable drives like compact flash memory card, smart media, micro drive and other equivalent devices.

Along with the data, the software can also recover corrupted files and folders, music, digital files and video images which are completely inaccessible. The software can also restore data even if the ‘Drive not detected’ error is displayed.

The tool is simple and easy to use. I had good time with it, tell me about yours.


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