Recover Text in a Form even after Firefox Crash

If you need to fill online forms or enter data/text into some online forms quite often then this post should interest you. We have seen many times that after spending lot of time in entering data like to type an email, if there is a system crash or network failure we have to type all the text again and waste our effort and time.

If you have also come across this situation a lot then here is a Firefox plug-in that will help a lot. The plug-in is called Lazarus Form Recovery and using this you are sure of one thing, that you will never lose anything you type in a form again.

Lazarus securely auto-saves all forms as you type, so after a crash, server timeout, or whatever, you can go back to the form, right click “recover form” to have everything recovered for you. So just install the extension in your browser and never lose a text next time your browser crashes or network gives some error.

The plug-in is supported in the Firefox browser only.

Download Lazarus Form Recovery

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