Recycle Bin for your Flash USB Drive

Human nature is to commit mistakes and sometimes we delete that data which is important to us. Though there is a recycle bin present on our system which acts as a life saver to us that somehow we can manage to restore file from the recycle bin. But what about deleting any media/file from a flash drive?

If we delete any file from a flash drive it doesn’t move to recycle bin and the file get deleted permanently and there are hardly any chances to recover it. So here we present a recycle bin for your flash drives known as iBin. iBin is a program which acts like a recycle bin for your flash drive. It means if you delete some data from a flash drive it will not get permanently deleted and will move to the iBin and you can easily restore the data by using this application.

iBin can be termed as a portable recycle bin which is handy to use. All you have to do is to download this application from the link given below. It will appear as zip file. Copy the zip file to your flash drive and extract it there. Then run the extracted program (don’t run the program on any local disk, it wont work) in your flash drive and you are good to go.

The application is easy to use and simple and helpful because sometimes we directly format our flash drives without even checking the data. This will help you to correct your mistakes. This application is supported on all versions of windows.

Download iBin Dumping Management

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