Reduce and compress Image size

If you like clicking more and more photos but worry about its size then this post will let you know how you can reduce the size of an image easily.

Photos clicked from a high resolution camera produce an image with great resolution but its size is also much. We may want it to send to a friend online or upload it on some site, then it is required to reduce its size.

To reduce size we can either Resize the image or reduce the pixel ratio.

Resizing to reducing size:

•    Open the image in any image editing application like Microsoft Paint and crop the image to keep only those portions of image those are really required.
•    Save the image

Resampling the image to reduce the size:

Note: This step greatly reduces the size of the image however it also decreases the image quality but it will matter only if you are going to take a print.

•    Open the image in the Paint and click on “Save as” option to save it in Jpeg format. This will reduce the size to a determined level but if you want to reduce it further you can use Irfanview.
•    This application will not only reduce the size greatly but with this you can also do “Batch Conversion”.

•    Using Batch Conversion you can compress any number of image simultaneously and avoid doing Save as.. again and again.

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