Reduce the Size of PDF files with Free PDF Compressor

The biggest advantage of using the PDF file over word documents is that it keeps the quality of the contents same and non-editable thereby protecting from unintentional edits. However this might result in heavy sized file which can create some issues in transferring and sending online.

Well, if you are looking for something that can compress the file for you and still keep the contents printer friendly, here is something that I found for you. This is a free to use tool called as Free PDF Compressor and the reason why we are reviewing it today on our blog is that it not only compresses the PDF file with ease to reduce size but also keeps the contents like the images to the best possible quality to fit in that size.

The tool is very simple and easy to use, as you just need to browse for the input file and select the preset conversion method out of the given 5 options as listed below:


The software supports five different compression settings.
Screen – Use this setting to produce the file with least size having low display resolution so that it can be best viewed on mobile devices like phone, tablets and others. The images are converted to 72 dpi quality.
eBook – This setting is good to produce medium resolution files which are good to read on tablets as eBook. The images are converted to 150 dpi quality which is still not good for printing.
Printer – If you need to take prints of your file, then this setting will suit you the best as the images are converted to 300 dpi which is the best for printing while still reducing the size.
Prepress – This setting will produce the highest quality of the file and will reduce the size minimally as it will focus on color preserving of the images while using the 300 dpi quality for the images. This setting is the best for keeping the document in highest possible quality.
Default – Setting used for wide variety of uses and possibly larger output file. So if you are unsure what you need to do with the compressed file later on, then possibly select this setting.

It is worth noting here that, the tool compresses the files page by page and thus takes time depending upon the pages in the document. So if you liked the tool, then give it a try from the link below.

Download Free PDF Compressor

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