How to Reduce your Internet Data Usage with TextOnly

Most of you might not know that actually, the WebPages on a website doesn’t use up much of your network data; in fact it is actually the advertisements and animations on a webpage that use up your most of the data. Even these advertisements and animations are the main reason for the delay in the loading of a webpage.

Thus I have something to share with you in this regard. An online service known as TextOnly is one of the great applications that will help you to reduce your internet data usage by 80-90%. This service will remove all the advertisement, images, animations and other unwanted stuff from the WebPages that you visit daily on internet.

As the name of the service suggests, it only shows you the readable content of a webpage that too in the form of text. This service is really very useful especially when you are using a slow internet connection or are dependent on USB tethering. Since the unwanted content gets removed from the WebPages, it will start loading quickly than before.

To use this service go to the service website form the link given below and enter the address of the webpage that you want to visit. This will lead you to the webpage where you will find only the text content of the webpage without the other distractions.

In fact most of the users use internet to open WebPages on their handheld devices and I know that it costs you much while using mobile network for using internet on your devices. Thus for such users the application is also available in android flavor. This will function similarly as you use on your computer.

TextOnly for computer

Android app for TextOnly

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