RegCool: Boolean Search Tool for Information in your Registry

Registry settings are like the spine of the computer as these are the settings that keep the computer managed. If any of the settings are changed then it may result in improper functioning of the system as well.

But there are times when we need to make some changes in the registry and it would be very difficult for you if you know nothing about the changes that you are going to make. With the help of the tool called RegCool, you can find all the info about your registry keys.

RegCool is a Boolean search tool for information in your registry that allows you to search your entire registry in 10 seconds. RegCool is a full-featured Registry editor and manager. In addition to all the standard features, RegCool adds a variety of powerful features that allow you to work faster and more efficient with registry related tasks.

RegCool enables you to copy, cut, paste, move, delete, and rename registry keys and values. It offers an explorer style; interface remote Registry editing; .reg and hive (Regedit and RegEdt32 compatible) file editing; import, export, backup, and restore functionality; and flexible property pages for setting keys and values.


• Export multiple keys to one .REG file
• Cut, copy and paste registry keys and values
• Copy and paste security permissions.
• Edit registry files in the same way as editing system registry
• Backup and restore registry (Windows NT4/2K/XP only)
• Easy and flexible Bookmarks management
• Allow to open secure registry keys
• Search and replace registry keys, values and data with super-fast search algorithm. With RegCool, you can search the entire registry in about 10 seconds!
• Drag and drop to move or copy registry keys and values.

Surely you may like to try the too but before doing anything you are unsure of, do back up your registry.

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