Remap the Keys of your Keyboard

Finding little difficult to work on the already specified format of the keyboard? Well if you are finding tit little uneasy and want your own keyboard layout style then here is something to help you.

With the help of this tool called KeyTweak, you can easily remap the keys on your keyboard so that it works according to you and you do not face anymore inconvenience. KeyTweak makes use of Microsoft’s Scan code Map registry key to remap your keyboard.

The tool will help you in remapping the keys according to your choice so that you find it comfortable to type with. You can enable and disable keys, remap keys, reset all key mappings with one click, and save or restore your favorite configurations.

Features of KeyTweak:

•    Simple to use with simple GUI
•    Implementation of Specialty Keys support for certain keyboards.
•    Remove all re-mappings with a single button.
•    Enable/disable annoying keys.
•    Displays what exactly is written to the “Scancode Map” registry value and how to.
•    User warnings help ensure Ctrl-Alt-Delete sequence is maintained.

The tool is small and free to use. The tool comes with a user guide to help you understand it better.

Download KeyTweak

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