Remind yourself for Things to do when you visit specific Location

Has it happened to you ever that you found yourself asleep while travelling in a bus and missed your stop? Or you forget the things to buy and people to meet when you visit some specific area? Well this is quite common and we definitely need a reminder app for this purpose. If you have an Android device, then this post will help you in these situations.

With the help of this free app called as Location Reminder, you can set reminder messages and alarms whenever you visit some specific place so that you no longer forget what were the things that you need to do when in that area. Like you can go to meet someone who lives in that area, or visit your car mechanic which you postponed to your later visit in the area.


So whatever be the reason, the app Location Reminder will help you remembering the pending tasks and get them done. So what you need to do is just install this free app, set a new reminder by hitting the Plus sign on top and setting some of the options thereafter like the place to visit, the radius of the area and description of the event etc.


For example, you can set a reminder to meet your buddy when you go out to buy groceries. The app will not only alarm a sound, vibrate, email and text you (provided you enter the contact details) but also pop a message reminding you of what needs to be done.


The app is really useful to people who like to finish up more than one task pending for a specific location. If you also found it useful for yourself, then go ahead and give it a try.

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