Remotely Capture Photos from iPhone or Android Phone with Remote Shot

These days when the cell phones or better to term as Smart phones come with really good camera, you don’t actually need to carry your camera around. Moreover the phones have really good camera optics, features, zoom and other things. There are moments when we depend upon our phones to click the picture for us.

Say you are at some get together with your buddies and need to click a group pic of yours with no body around, what shall you do? Placing the phone on some surface might turn into a bad idea as this can be risky and tedious too. We have found a small app right for handling these types of situations.

With this free app called Remote Shot, you can actually control your iPhone or an Android phone remotely. That’s right, you don’t need anyone to click your phone for you. Using the app is very easy too, you just need to install the app in two of the phones (one to click and another one to control the first one).

After you have installed the app in two phones, you can select one to be the camera and the other one to be the remote. What’s more, you also get to see the live preview of the shot being captured in the remote phone thereby letting you to adjust your position, zoom, flash, and other things before actually clicking the pic. You can also select the recording mode to be either still or video remotely.

The app makes use of the in-built Bluetooth technology to connect the two phones which is definitely not a problem. The app is really convenient to use and comes handy when you wish to click remotely.

The app is free to use and can be used in both iOS and Android platforms.

Download Remote Shot for iPhone
Download Remote Shot for Android

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