Remotely Control your PC with your Phone or iPad for Free

There are times when you need to control and access your computer at home or in office remotely but how can you do that? Well there are many tools for that purpose, some are free and others not but TeamViewer is one of the famous tools that you can use for this purpose and moreover it comes free of cost.

While it is very easy to control a computer remotely from another using the same tool, it is really helpful if we get to control our machine from our phone or iPad. TeamViewer has solution for this too, you just need to download the app for this purpose and install in the phone.


Steps to control your computer remotely:

The first thing you need to do is install the TeamViewer software in your computer (link at the bottom of the article). Choose any of the three options while installing:


Install: Choose Install if you wish to use all the options
Install to control this computer later from remote: Choose this option without the need to input a code also known as unattended access. You should choose this option for now.
Run Only: Keep the tool portable and use without installation.

Now when you are done with the steps above, you need to install either the phone app in your phone or the iPad app in your iPad. Now run the app, enter the ID shown in the desktop app and the password but if you chose the unattended access while installation, then you will only need the password which was set by you.

When this is done, you would be able to see your computer screen on your phone/iPad though with some changes in resolution. You can now use your desktop through some actions, like tapping the finger on the screen works like clicking the mouse, pinching works for zooming, for scrolling you can use double fingers as you use on your laptop touchpad.

You can give this a try and with time you would be able to use it easily.[via]

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