Remove any Content from Website on Firefox

If you use Firefox browser, and are irritated with the content that you come across online on websites then you can help yourself and fix this issue. There are all types of websites, some that show good content and others which are too complex to understand and maintain readability.

You can easily remove the text or any web content that you are not liking on a webpage and that too very easily, as what you will have to do is just right click and choose from the context menu the option to erase the content.

The add-on is available to the Firefox browser and is called Remove It Permanently. Using this add-on you can hide any content on a webpage using the right click context menu. The tool is now capable of previewing of items before removal, support for IFrame as well as lots of advanced features to make it easy for anyone to remove annoying content from web pages.

The plug-in is very simple to use as what you just need to do is right click on the web page, go to the desired option in the right click context menu and choose to hide the items.

Download Remove It Permanently

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