Remove Arrow from Shortcut Icons on Desktop

Windows places various shortcut icons on the desktop, which are actually pointers to some file or application located elsewhere on the disk. You would notice a small arrow on the bottom left of the shortcut. This little arrow signifies that the icon is, indeed, a shortcut and not an icon.

So if you are annoyed seeing these useless arrows or just wish to remove it from the shortcut icons then yes, you can certainly do that. There are few tools also available that can do the same thing but I don’t believe in installing some software when you can do the same thing manually and easily.

NOTE: Since following steps involve Registry Tweak, it is suggested that you backup your registry before doing these to undo any changes that you don’t like.


•    Type regedit in the Run box to open registry editor.

•    Navigate to the following keys


•    Delete the IsShortcut key (if you are facing problems in finding that entry then you can also search them) from each of them.

Reboot to see the deleted arrows from the shortcuts.

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