Remove Bad Sectors from Hard Disk

Some days ago my PC got extremely slow and started taking a lot of time to boot. Then I thought to start a chkdsk scan at the next startup and to my surprise I found that there were Bad Sectors in my hard disk.

What are Bad Sectors?

Bad Sectors on the drive is the Physical Damage done to the Disk that prevents the use of the disk sector for data storage. These can be caused due to the read/write head that comes in contact of the disk. The data stored on the bad sector can’t be read any more.

Before performing some techniques it would be useful to know that Bad Sectors can never be removed completely from the disk but can be reduced to certain extent. There are many tools available on net like “Zero Filling” but they are all useless.

Steps to perform when you find a bad sector:

1.    Perform chkdsk scan to try fixing the disk errors.

2.    Next what you can do (actually what I did) is format the drive. It can greatly reduce the amount of Bad Sectors (mine reduced from 80KB to 20KB).

3.    But the best is to get the disk replaced under warranty.

So the conclusion is that Bad Sectors can not be removed but can be reduced to some extent.

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