Remove Consumer preview Watermark from Windows 8 Desktop Screen

The beta version of Windows OS has a Watermark of the build number and Release version name of the Operating system on the bottom right corner of the Desktop. It was there on Windows 7 and now can be seen on Consumer Preview of Windows 8 as well. This article will guide you on how you can remove this Watermark.

In Windows 8 the process of removing this Watermark is quite simple and will not let you mess up with the system files. The process is that whenever you set an image as Desktop wallpaper, Windows automatically creates a copy of that image file in a hidden folder and then puts the Watermark on that image file. So if you edit the image file, the Watermark will also get off from your desktop wallpaper.

To remove the Watermark, follow these instructions:

• Create a New Folder and save the image you want to set as your desktop wallpaper

• Set the image as your desktop wallpaper.

• Create the copy of that file.

• Now name the “CachedImage_1280_800_POS4.jpg”. Where 1280_800 represents your screen-resolution (screen resolution may subject to change, depending on your Monitor)

• Now open Run (Windows logo + r) and paste the following text:


• A folder named as ‘cached files’ will appear. You will be able to find your file.

• Minimize this Window and go to that folder you created in previous steps. Copy the image named CachedImage_1280_800_POS4.jpg to the Cached Files folder.

• A pop up Window will appear “Replace the file in the destination folder” option. Now refresh the Window for a couple of times by clicking the F5 key and then you can close that folder.

The Watermark will not be there on your screen anymore. However, if you again change your wallpaper you have to follow the same procedure. Also note that this method is useless if you are using a theme pack with multiple pictures.

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