Remove Facebook Suggested Posts and Pages from News Feed (Firefox)

It feels very irritating when we come across any sponsored suggested posts or pages from Facebook which we have not enabled but are forced to see. It is, most times, useless and can’t be turned off. It surely doesn’t feel good when we have to read the sponsored story in between our friends’ updates.

Well there is no default way to remove or block these however (just like we shared the workaround for Chrome browser) here is an easy way to overcome this problem. This time all the firefox users who are bugged by this problem can make use of some add-on and get it fixed.


The add-on is called “Remove Facebook Ads, Suggested Pages and Posts” and as the name of the add-on implies, it aims to remove the Facebook Ads that are displayed in the sidebars, Suggested posts and pages that are displayed in between your news feed. The add-on is very simple to use, you just need to install and enable it in your browser.


The add-on has got no configurations what-so-ever and is ready to use. After you have enabled the add-on you just need to refresh your Facebook page and you will now see that all your Suggested Posts, Pages and Ads are removed. Isn’t it simple?


Although this add-on works great, we would have loved to see some toggle button so that we can enable the suggested posts and disable them just at a click (without the need to disabling the add-on) as sometimes it can be useful to read the suggested stuffs. It is good to note here that the add-on will remove the suggested posts and pages from the news feed but not the “Recommended Pages” and “People you may Know” which are displayed on the sidebars.

You can download the add-on from the location below.

Download Remove Facebook Ads, Suggested Pages and Posts

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