Remove Facebook Timeline from the Profile: The Truth

It has been couple of months since Facebook had launched its new feature of Timeline. While some users liked this feature, there are some (like me) who didn’t like the timeline feature. While I have not applied this feature to my profile yet, if you have and you didn’t like this feature, then you might be thinking to remove or disable the timeline from your profile.

Well, the truth about the Facebook Timeline feature is that it has started to be rolled out for the users worldwide and according to Facebook, it will be something mandatory for them and they won’t be able to remove or disable this from their profile.

In case you are still running the old look of the Facebook profile, then it doesn’t mean you are safe as some day it will be rolled out for you too (only the matter of time). But if you are one of those who had applied the timeline feature before it was rolled for you and using an app, then you can try the following steps to remove or disable it (will not work for others).


1. Open the Facebook Developers page where you originally created an app to enable Timeline. Click on the “Edit app” button there.

2. On the left side bar you need to click the “Delete App” link.

3. Now click the Confirm button to remove the timeline feature successfully.

Note: While you can remove the Facebook timeline from your profile using this process, this does not mean it will not re-appear for you when it will be rolled out for you officially.

3 Replies to “Remove Facebook Timeline from the Profile: The Truth”

  1. Are my friend, still it is not working.

    as in the Devloper page, there is NO ANY APPS available in ma case.

    now what can i do ??


  2. @Jaydev
    This won’t be available if you didnt use any app for this feature. As of today, cant find any way to ge the old look back 🙁

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