Remove Flashback Mac Trojan with Kaspersky

If you are a Mac user then your Macbook might have been infected or may be at a risk to get infected with latest Flashback Mac Trojan. This virus has really troubled the Mac users lately. Till now it has infected over 670,000 Computers worldwide and this number is still increasing according to the Security vendor Kaspersky.

These infected Computers have been combined in a botnet and cyber criminals can install additional malicious modules on these Computers at their will. To safeguard users from this malware, Kaspersky has released Flashback removal tool, which will disinfect your system if it is infected with the above said Trojan. First step is to check whether your system is infected with this malware or not.

Operation algorithm of the malicious program discovered by Kaspersky lab’s experts, created an imitation of C&C server with which the infected computers are supposed to connect to. For some time, this imitated server registered all those computers which tried to connect with it. The server recorded their UUIDs in a dedicated database. If your computer’s UUID is in this database, then your computer was (and may still be) infected with Flashback. a site created by Kaspersky, where Mac users can check their UUIDs for infection. To know your Mac’s UUID, go to menu and follow the same pattern: About This Mac>More Info>System Report, now in this window copy “Hardware UUID “ value to clipboard and paste in and click on “check my UUID’.

If you find your system in that server’s database and the site confirms that your Mac is infected with the flashback Trojan, then go to the link given below download Flashback removal tool. Run it on your system and it will scan your system and will make it free from the infection.

Download Flashback Removal Tool

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