Remove Happy Birthday virus easily

The Happy Birthday virus is picking up great deal of popularity and is spreading a lot faster as compared to other virus. This virus mostly spreads through E-mails and flash drives like pen drives.

Following are the problems that this virus causes:

1.    Disables registry editor, folder options and command prompt.

2.    Shows a tool tip near the mouse cursor with the texts ‘Happy Birthday’.

3.    Runs a process named either “explorce.exe” or “explorcr.exe” in the background processes that confuses with explorer.exe

4.    Operating system shows “NTLDR Missing” problem.

Solution to fix the problem:

1.    First of all we need to get our folder options and registry editor back (to do this, refer this post of mine).

2.    Now kill the process “explorcr.exe” or “explorce.exe” running in background.

3.    Now go to Folder options -> tick Show Hidden Files and Folders and uncheck Hide Protected Operating System Files.

4.    Delete the exe from “C:\Windows\system32” folder.

5.    Also delete the “autorun.inf” file from the root drive.

6.    Now to fix NTLDR missing problem, insert XP CD and Copy ‘NTLDR’ from i386\NTLDR to %SystemDrive%

7.    Reboot the system.

The problem must have gone.

12 Replies to “Remove Happy Birthday virus easily”

  1. just follow the steps 2,3,4 in order of the solution. Remember to first kill the process before deleting from the system32 folder in C: drive

  2. hi
    today i entered a flash memory contains “the Happy Birthday ” virus, but i didn’t know of course. i was told that after that. but i always scan viruses before entering anything. does that work ???? and if it’s not , what shall i do?? wait the virus till it work then follow the instructions
    please help me

    and thanks

  3. I caught the Happy Birthday virus but my problem is it has disabled my hidden folder option. Is there anyway to get back that, then i can follow steps to kill the virus?

  4. “Now kill the process “explorcr.exe” or “explorce.exe” running in background” – can you please give me instruction for this thanks

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