Remove Metro Feature without affecting Ribbon Explorer in Windows 8

Windows 8 Metro environment features a new tile-based Start screen similar to the Windows Phone operating system. Each tile will represent an application and each tile will show you notifications regarding number of unread messages on the tile for an e-mail app or the current temperature on a weather application.

This feature has completely changed the interface of the operating system. Some users liked this interface and some still want Classic Windows 7 start Menu in Windows 8. But at the same time they avoid to get reverted to classic Windows 7 menu because of the fear of losing ribbon explorer.

A software known as Metro Controller will help you to take out from this dilemma. In Ribbon explorer you don’t have to search for options. It encapsulates all the options in front of you. Metro Controller is a portable tool that gives you option to either disable all Metro features with or without Ribbon Explorer. So Metro Controller is a one stop solution for all users.

When you open the application, choose Disable only Metro features option and Restart your system to apply changes. Somehow if you want to get the Metro features back then click the same option and restart your system.

For some users it might happen that they will be able see the changes immediately. But restarting is the appropriate option to apply the changes. But beware if you have chosen to disable the Metro features, it will get disabled from all the applications, including your gaming stuff.

Download Metro Controller

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