Remove mwau.exe Virus

The virus called mwau.exe has been troubling one of our readers who wanted to know about its removal and other things.

What is mwau.exe?

Mwau.exe is an undesirable and malicious program that can be probably termed as a virus. It stands for Microsoft Windows Automatic Update but should be deleted from the system as soon as possible.


Mwau.exe usually resides in the %SystemRoot%\system32 folder but executes itself as a process in the task manager and also lists itself in the system startup list.

The file has been categorized under Malware group and should be removed using the following tool.


Mwau.exe is a malicious program that can affect user operations and use of computer so it should removed easily using the Anti Malware called Mbam (Malwarebytes Anti Malware).

You may need to run the tool in safe mode also.

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