Remove Newfolder.exe Virus easily

Now that we know the difference between virus, worm and Trojan lets get on the work to detect and remove some common viruses. This tutorial will help you remove the Newfolder.exe virus from your computer and let it breath free.

Removal through Tool:

Run the following tool in safe mode and the virus cleaned in seconds, yes it is that easy.

Download Tool

Manual removal:

1.    Find out all the locations of the “newfolder.exe” virus.
2.    Open the task manager and end the newfolder.exe process running in background.3.    Open cmd and then type “dir /a XXX” where XXX is the name of the folder where the virus is.
4.    Then type “cd XXX”.
5.    Delete the file by typing “del name_of_file”.
6.    Then remove the whole folder by typing “rmdir /s XXX”.
7.    The virus has been removed just see the task manager once again and end the newfolder.exe process running in the background (if any).
8.    Restart the system.

7 Replies to “Remove Newfolder.exe Virus easily”

  1. sir good evening;
    plese say the trick when i new folder deleted who is 260kb
    then automatically he was restore my same folder
    hurry up solution and best antivirus in these day

  2. i want to know how i can convert my old jpeg file which is affected by newfoldre.exe virus . viruse convert my jpeg file to onther extence. i remove the viruse now i want to convert my file in orignal formate.

  3. you need to rename the files with .jpg extension (if your extensions are hidden then visit folder options->View-> uncheck the hide extension for known file types)

  4. hi all the above mention formule or tricks are not working……….belief me its true………..

  5. Sir, there are two folders named – chrome and new folder, which make the replica of each folder and subfolders automatically. Is there any solution.

  6. @Ram
    if the folders are in the usb drive then just delete them else if they are in the computer then boot in safe mode and remove them from hard disk, task manager and startup list

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