Remove or avpo.exe virus easily is a virus whose name is such chosen that it keeps you confused. Actually Windows need a very important file called “” for its booting and running purposes, removal of which will crash the system. resembles this important file. This virus is also known as avpo.exe

This virus may cause several problems like:

•    Double clicking on a drive does not open.
•    Unable to see the hidden and system files.

Let’s fix the problem:

1.    Open Task Manager (if it is blocked and you can’t run then see this post of mine to enable it).

2.    Kill the task “explorer” and then start a new process “explorer”.

3.    Download reg_ntde1ect registry file and merge it by right clicking and clicking on option Merge, this will enable the Folder options and other things.

4.    Now in My Computer then go to Tools->folder options->view->select show hidden files & uncheck hide protected system files.

5.    Now open every drive (to open do not double click but open it from the address bar) and delete following two file only

6.    Remove “avpo” from the startup list (do that by unchecking it from msconfig).

7.    Check for the hidden files: “avpo.exe” and “avpo0.dll” inside the Windows/system32 folder and delete them.

8.    Perform step 2.

You may need to restart the sytem.

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