Remove Older Chrome Versions from your system with OldChromeRemover

Those who are using Chrome browser on their system, this article is worth reading for them. I don’t know if many of you know this or not but whenever you install a new version of Chrome browser in your system using the default updater or the installer, it tends to leave behind the traces and data of the previous version in App Data folder.

All these previous versions get seated into the Chrome’s directory, unless and until you install Chrome freshly after reinstalling your Windows OS or completely uninstalling Chrome from your machine. Till that time, all those old files will occupy some space in your system that can affect the performance of your PC and it could be a big reason to worry, if you don’t have sufficient hard disk on your PC.

Even if you remove them manually, it is possible that it may leave some traces in your system. Thus instead of the manual removal, you can use OldChromeRemover tool to remove them. The only condition to use this tool is that you should be using only one version of Chrome. If you are using multiple instances of the browser, then the tool will delete all versions.

Using the tool is very easy; you just have to follow the command line. You have to download it and run it as admin. The tool will detect all the previous installations of the browser sitting in your system and will prompt you to press “Y + Enter” to delete them. If your PC doesn’t have any previous installations, then it will prompt you with the same message and you can press any key to exit the command line.

This tool is a portable freeware, however if you are not concerned with the performance and disk space, you can leave the idea of using it but if you are concerned about cleaning your system then I would recommend you to download this. OldChromeRemover works well on Windows XP/Vista/7, along with .Net framework which must be installed in your Computer to work.

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