Remove your personal information from various websites

Right now, anyone with an Internet connection can find good amount of personal information about you easily. Sometimes we ourselves update internet with our personal info like on social sites. Now by this time you should know what information about you is available on internet.

If your phone number and address is listed in the directories then it will also be available in Online white page results. Your social networking profiles makes content available to websites like 123People and Spokeo. The telemarketing call that annoys us a lot is one such result of this available information. In this article you will get to know that how you can remove your personal data from internet. is an online service which will provide you the list of those websites that are collecting information. This service does not remove your information from sites on your behalf instead it will provide a list of websites that are currently holding your info and how you can remove it. This service will give you directions to remove your database.

To use this service just visit the site page as shown in the screenshot above. Click on ‘View the site list’ and you will find a comprehensive list of various websites that has your database. This service also features links to the opt out page for each website. Click on each website that will lead you to a page that will present a form and by filling that form you can remove your listing.

This service will benefit you a lot but however this is a very lengthy process to remove your database. You might be thinking that if there might be ways that you can remove your information in one go, but it is not possible as each website has its own set of information. This is a good place to see all the websites which might hold your info.


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