Remove Rogueware with RogueKiller

We have mentioned about this new type of malicious computer infections called Rogueware. In case you missed it, Rogueware is some fake program that either infects the computer and downloads more malicious codes or forces you to pay for some fake anti virus that claims to remove this infection.

Removing the Rogueware require some specialist as it can’t be removed using the usual Anti Virus, thus here is a Rogueware cleaner called RogueKiller that can easily remove the Rogueware from your system. This tool can easily detect and remove the Rogueware from your system.

Although RogueKiller do not have some cool looking interface but it is effective in removing the malicious program. It is, in fact, some code developed in C++ language which is capable of scanning the computer registry. It can also detect any Rogueware in the system.

When using RogueKiller, pressing 1 option will scan the system for the Rogueware and if found one, it will ask you to take action on it too. Now you can either select to delete or quarantine it (yes the tool provides you with own quarantine folder where the detected items will be placed).

The tool works in an effective way and is great to use if you have any Rogueware in your system. In short, a simple Rogueware cleaner that works efficiently.

Download RogueKiller

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