Remove Unwanted Files from Computer with PC Decrapifier

It is always advisable to keep our computer resource free and having only the useful files used by the system and the user. Having files that are non-usable consumes space and also slows down the computer.

Thus if you are also having several files or documents that are not used by you, then you need to remove them from your system or just use a tool called PC Decrapifier. The application is able to remove many kinds of tools installed in the system by itself so you don’t have to worry about them.

Installation of this program is also simple, you just have to select what you want to remove from the wizard that appears while installation. It will not begin removing anything without prompting you first.

If you have anti-virus software installed, it may complain about this program because it is written with a scripting language. These warnings can be safely ignored. Works with all the versions of the Windows.

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