Remove W32/Sality Virus

One of our readers came across this virus known as W32 Sality that has infected his system. Here are the steps to be followed to remove this virus.

W32 Sality Virus has the capability to affect all the executable exe files in the system and also disabling the Task Manager, Registry Editor and other things like Folder Options. However removing this is not very difficult.


1.    Disable System Restore

First of all Disable System Restore so that it may not come again from the Restore Points. Go to My Computer Properties -> System Restore tab and click on Turn Off system restore on all drives.

2.    Scan your system with a good and updated Anti Virus. Try AVG for this virus. This will detect and remove the infection (if not then try in Safe Mode).

3.    Download the W32 Sality Virus Remover from here and after extracting, place all the files that is rmsality.nt, rmsality.dos and rmsality.exe in one folder.

4.    Run the rmsality.exe file and this would take the virus out.

Reboot and rescan to see if there is any virus there in the system.

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