Rename File Extensions of Multiple Files at once in Windows

If you have ever come across some files that are in some other extensions and require to be converted into some other file extensions, then this post is surely for you.

Method 1

There are occasions when we wish to rename the file extension of multiple files into some other extension say from .bmp to .jpg, whatever be the extensions, the tool called Extension Renamer will come useful to you.

Using the tool is very simple and will rename all the files that you select into some particular extension at once and in one go (Batch Convert).

1. Just run the tool and select the directory.
2. Select the “from” and “to” extensions and press GO.
3. That is all

All the files would be converted at once.

Download Extension Renamer 

Method 2
This method is bit simpler and require no tool. Open the command prompt and move to the directory containing the files to be renamed. Use cd command for that purpose.

Now type “ren from to” like ren *.abc *.jpg

This will rename all the files with abc extension to jpg in one go.

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