Rename Multiple Files at once without any Tool

It was when I wanted to rename all my clicked photos to some personalized name that I realized the need to rename all the files simultaneously. The problem this time was that I was working on the limited account so I could not install any software for this purpose.

Then I came to know this simple way of renaming multiple files at once without any tool and in fact it was very easy and at least served my purpose. This is how to rename multiple files present in same directory.


1. Select all the files placed in the same directory to be renamed.

2. Either press F2 or right click and select Rename option. This will edit the name of one of the files.

3. Enter the new name you want to keep.

4. Press enter button, this is it, all the files will be renamed to the new name as provided e.g. new (1).txt, new (2).txt

The method is very simple and works on all versions of Windows. The method is best to use if you don’t have any permission to install any tool.

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