Reopen Closed Tabs in Chrome with Sexy Undo Close Tab

What Chrome is missing is the ability to open the recent closed tabs which Firefox has. Chrome users could open the last closed tab by right clicking on the tab bar and selecting the option of Reopen the closed tab, but this is only for the last closed tab. Searching the history to open a tab is also not a good option.

For this purpose Chrome has an extension called “Sexy Undo Close Tab”. What this extension does is it adds up an icon on the tab bar that lists all the closed tabs in recent to older order. So if you want to open a recently closed tab, then just click on this icon and select from the list.

The extension not only lists the closed tabs but also displays their favicon for the users to easily identify the tab closed. The extension is highly configurable and can be customized to store any number of closed tabs.

The extension can be easily searched in the Chrome extensions database or downloaded from the link below.

Download Sexy Undo Close Tab

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