Reopen Recently Closed Folders and Applications with UndoClose

What I like the most about today’s web browsers Chrome and Firefox is their ability to reopen the recently closed tabs instantly. It happens sometimes that we either accidentally close a window/the tab or wish to open them again to complete our work, but instead of opening the page again, we can open the last closed tabs (in order of closure) easily in these browsers.

Similarly wouldn’t it be great if there is some application that can open the recently closed Folders and Applications instantly without the need to manually go back and double click to open them? I am sure it must have happened to you some or the other time when you wish to open the application or the folder you were last working upon.

If this is the same case with you then you can save your effort and time by using this tool called UndoClose. As the name of the tool suggests, this tool can open the last closed folder or application instantly. For example, if you have closed a folder named ABC, Windows Media Player and Firefox (in the same order), then when you run this tool, it will open Firefox, WMP and ABC for you (in the last closed order).

UndoClose does not require any installation; you just have to double click it for it to run properly. It will sit down in your system tray and start monitoring the apps and folders. To open the folders and apps, you don’t have to run it again and again, just use the shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + F (for Folders) and Ctrl + Shift + A (for applications) and it will open them automatically. These shortcuts can also be changed.

The tool is very easy and light to use. Currently you can use it only on Windows 7 however on both 32 and 64 bit versions.

Download UndoClose

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