Repair Corrupted .mkv Matroska Video Files

If you are a movie fan then am sure you know about the new movie formats DivX and mkv (Matroska). MKV format is one of the most used video codecs used today as the vide file possess good quality but less size. It is because of this compression and quality that this format is in good use today.

While downloading a .mkv video file using a P2P client like BitComet, you must have noticed that you are not able to see the preview. Also there might be cases that after downloading the movie you find it corrupt and not working, or just playing audio with no video at all. Well here is a simple tool called Meteorite that is simply a MKV repair tool that can repair the .mkv video files for you.


The tool is able to repair the video files that are corrupt or which are still downloading from the internet. Moreover this tool will enable the preview feature and now you will be able to see the movie preview of the file (until the point it has downloaded).

Although the author does not claim what all files it can fix and what it can’t but it is still better to try and see if it works or not, after all, what can happen at the max is it is not able to repair. I would also advise you to backup the file first since the tool works directly on the video and there is no way to recover if something wrong happens.

The tool has got simple interface and you just need to drag and drop the video file on the tool window for it to start. The tool is simple and free to use and can be downloaded from the location below.

Download Meteorite

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