Replace Google Doodle with your Favorite Doodle (Chrome)

Google’s homepage images also called as Google Doodle are fun, interactive and can easily lighten up your mood. Google create and changes these doodles quite often depending upon any historical day, birthday, anniversary, special event like a game or anything significant. Sometimes Google also creates these doodles like a game which user can play and enjoy.

You can also learn more about that doodle by clicking on that doodle which will take you to the Google Search where it will pull up the details about that event. The bad thing is that Google only keeps that doodle for that day and changes it next day.


So in case you like a doodle and want to keep it longer then here is how you can do it easily. Assuming you are a Chrome user, we have found one add-in that works great and easily letting you change the doodle for you. The add-in called as Favorite Doodle and can be installed from Google play store.


After you have installed the add-in, go to and click on the google icon, to go to the Doodle Gallery. Underneath every Doodle available in the gallery, you will see the option to make it as your own personal doodle. You would be able to make any doodle set as your favorite however if this button is missing from any doodle, it must be because of the license rights.

So if you like to set your favorite doodle on the google homepage, this add-in works great and as it lets you change the doodle as often as you like.

Download Favorite Doodle

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