Replace iPhone Slide to Unlock with NES Game Controller Lock

We all know that the slide to unlock feature in the mobile phones today was introduced by the Apple in their devices and since then it had become so common that one would like to change the unlock pattern to something else. There are apps and some customizations available for this but what we are talking today is something different.

This is more related to the gamers out there, and for all those who miss the old NES games that we used to play in our childhood. Well there are apps available for those games too but here we are talking about the NES game controller lock for your iOS devices.


If you have a jailbroken iPhone then you can visit the Cydia store for this tweak called as Control Unlocker. Control Unlocker is a simple iOS tweak that can replace your slide to unlock feature with the NES game controller lock so that whenever you unlock your phone you get a feel of the old games that we used to play.

The tweak works great and all you have to do is just install this tweak from the Cydia BigBoss repo, and enable from the settings. By default, it has a password which will be shown to you and later you can change it too like pressing the Up button followed by Down, then B and then A to unlock the phone.


Moreover it allows you to set a custom message to be displayed on the top of the controller which you can set as per your wish like “Gamer’s world” or anything of your own. The tweak works great and is free to download from the Cydia store, however you need a jailbroken phone for that.

The graphics look pretty nice too which makes you feel nostalgic for the games we used to play when we were kids.

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