How to Reset or Delete OK Google Voice Search Detection in Android/Samsung

Google App in Android has this cool feature where you can search anything on google and even call or send texts using the Voice Search feature called as OK Google. But strangely, in my phone this wasn’t working as it wasn’t recognizing my voice. It happened when one day my friend got hold of my phone and he setup his own voice which led my phone to detect mine lol.

So I am going to share how you can delete or retrain your OK Google voice search detection in case it isn’t working for you as well.


1. Open Google App, click on G button on top left.

2. Click on Menu on the Google app (three lines on top left)

3. Click Settings and then click on Voice button.

4. Now click on “Ok Google” Detection button.

5. Now you will see couple of options to reset your voice search. One is to directly retrain your voice and the other is to delete the current voice.

6. I prefer deleting the old voice and re-recording your new one.

7. Click on Delete Voice Model button to delete the old recorded voice.

8. Once done, now click on From Any Screen button to re-record your new Ok Google voice search.

You can follow my video tutorial below as well to see how to do all these steps visually as well.

If it worked for you, let me know and drop a comment below.

2 Replies to “How to Reset or Delete OK Google Voice Search Detection in Android/Samsung”

  1. When i press “from any sceen” there are show to “next” button. And then i press “next” button it’s automatically proceed and come back to the same screen.
    That mean it’s not saving my voice model.
    How its fix?
    Plz suggest

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