How to Reset/Delete S Voice from Samsung Galaxy Phones

Previously we have shared how to reset or delete OK Google Voice Detection from your Android Phone, but today we have similar topic to reset or delete your S Voice detection from your Galaxy Phone.

S Voice is Samsung Phones’ artificial intelligent assistant that helps us to run several apps and services in our phone just with our voice. But in case your S Voice isn’t responding to your voice or is misconfigured, here is how to reset and/or delete it.

Steps to reset S Voice

1. Go to Settings of your Galaxy phone.
2. Navigate to Device -> Applications and look for S Voice app.
3. Click on S Voice app to open it.
4. Here you will see options like Voice Wake Up and Erase Data.

5. Click on Voice Wake Up to either change your set voice, delete or just listen to the current set voice.
6. Using the Erase Data button you can erase different recorded data related to S Voice.

Check out this video that I have created to help you with this process.

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