Resize a Non-Resizable Window or Dialog Box

There are lots of Windows or Dialog boxes that are fixed and specific in size or dimension and there are occasions when we want to resize them into some other size. For instance, if you want to take the snapshot of the window then just resizing is a better option than to scaling the image later on.

The tool is called ResizeEnable that lets you turn usually non-resizeable windows into resizeable windows. The tool will work fine most of the time but there may be windows that do not respond to this tool.

ResizeEnable is developed by the same person who developed SplashKiller (used for disabling the startup screens). This tool requires no installation and can be run directly from the exe file. Just run the file and see your mouse convert into an arrow pointer.

Download ResizeEnable

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  1. have tried to run (after saving zip file) resizeenable at least three times from diff sources – no go – it won’t run on the current XP sys i have

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