Resize Images simultaneously with Multiple Image Resizer

If you have been looking for a batch photo editor then am sure that this tool will interest you a lot. There are situations when you need to resize lot many pics to the same dimensions and this is when we feel the need of batch image resizer.

The tool is called Multiple Image Resizer and using this tool you can do many things apart from batch resizing the pics. The main features of the tool are listed below:

•    Resize images
•    Rotate images
•    Flip images
•    Add single or dual borders to images
•    Add text to images (including file and EXIF information)
•    Crop images
•    Overlay / Watermark images with another image

The tool supports almost the entire image formats known to you and can not only perform the above listed basic functions but also can edit images in an easy way. It is able to open the images in around 31 formats while it can still save them into 16 famous image formats.

The tool is free to use and works well with both 32 and 64 bit version of Windows, however you will need the latest .Net framework installed in the machine.

The tool is pretty simple to use and have good number of options to use at the bottom of the window. You just need to select the option you want to use for editing the pic, and the menu will appear before you in the main screen.

Download Multiple Image Resizer

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