How to Resize Windows Explorer Columns at Once

Windows Explorer is really a nice feature available in Windows. With this feature you get most of the content present on your system. The information is listed appropriately but not in detail. Like me there must be several people who would like to view the information in detailed form. File names and types, as well as the size, and the last modification date are mentioned in the explorer well in detail.

The detailed view of Windows Explorer is the best option out of all the modes available. But the only issue with this mode is that the columns do not get automatically resized based on their item’s length. The columns specifically the File name and the Type are larger as compared to the size and date column in the detailed view mode.

Due to this issue, the file name and the types are not properly displayed in front of you. That can be only displayed, if you adjust the window manually. But it is very hectic to adjust the size of the window every time. Like in the image above you will see that the titles of files are ending with “…..”

Instead of adjusting it manually you can use Ctrl + (the ‘+‘ key on the keypad) if the Windows explorer is active. You will see that the width of Windows explorer will adjust accordingly so that all the details will be properly visible. However this combination will work in the detail view mode only.

Adjusting the width of columns with this combination is a better option because adjusting the column width again and again is very troublesome. This is the best way to automatically adjust and resize the fields in explorer at once rather than clicking them one by one and that too again and again.

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