Restart any Process automatically on Exit

It, sometimes, happen that we want a process to keep on running in our system always/for some time like some update process or torrent client for downloading stuffs. We would not want the processes related to these tools to terminate right? But it can happen sometimes, that a process can get terminated on its own.

There is a solution to track this, it would be better if some tool can track for the processes and let us know if it goes or just start it on its own. Here is a one called ReStartMe and as the name suggests, this tool will restart the process automatically in case any process exits.

You need to install this tool to have it watch the processes added by you. You can either add a new process which is not running or add one which is. When a process that ReStartMe is watching exits for any reason, whether it was closed properly or not, ReStartMe will restart it.

•    Select from running processes
•    Start a new process by browsing for an executable file
•    Multiple processes my be watched at one time
•    Minimizes to system tray so as not to clutter your task bar
•    Ability to password protect the window so that others can’t add or remove processes from the watch list, or close ReStartMe

Using this tool is simple, it also minimizes to tray to reduce the list of open windows. You can also lock this tool with a password to ensure that only authorized users uses this. The tool is free and downloadable from the link below.

Download ReStartMe

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